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Battle Tanks 8.58
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18.04.2009, 00:39

Добавлен 12/Апрель/2009, в 23:09

С обновлениями от 10 апреля 2009 года версия интересной и популярной, карты в категории Aeon of Strife/AoS максимум для десяти игроков. Огромное количество изменений и исправлений. Особо стоит отметить очень неплохих AI игроков.

Changelog v 8.58:

* Added a new shop at the side lanes
* Added singleplayer command: -showrange x, displays the range of your weapons (x is the mode, 0-3)
* The number of Force upgrades now also depends on your team's Control Pionts
* Reworked Trader, it's now a ground tank
* Increased rewards for trading goods
* Reduced the requirements for most of the trade combos
* A orange floating text now shows the gold you got from the Trader
* Mine Defuser Pack now also includes an Iron Hull and has a lower cooldown
* Changed Death Magic from hero only to creep only
* Added a small effect when Dead (Ghost Tank) and Mortar Teams (Heavy Tank) die
* -weather and -effects are now deactivated at the beginning of the game
* New icon for Keep on Fighting
* It's no longer possible to buy Explosives in No Exploder-mode
* Added a small leaderboard for kick votes
* Changed the model and name of the Artillery Factory
* Each player can only rename his own team up to 5 times now
* Reworked Root (Guard) a bit
* Reworked Hail of Bombs (Heavy Tank)
* Reworked Banish (Demon Tank), it now amplifies damage from every source (including physical)
* Tech Mech is now cheaper and faster and has a free Control Point Teleport
* Ice Prison (Frost Robot) now deals more damage and has a lower cooldown
* Ice Rain (Frost Robot) now deals a little bit more damage overall in 3 waves (4 before)
* Dust Wave (Earth Robot) now deals damage in a bigger area (125 -> 175)
* Earth Quake (Earth Robot) now deals the same damage in 3 seconds (down from 5)
* Earth Quake now deals 50% extra damage against buildings
* Artillery Shot won't be interrupted anymore by issuing an order right after casting
* Increased bounty for all building by ca. 40% and decreased their HP-regeneration by ca. 33%
* Rocket Tower now deals 25% more damage and Laser Tower has a very small splash
* Commander, Artillery and Zeppelin now cost 2 food instead of only 1
* Troops summoned by the AI no longer stand still
* Watch Tower no longer add to the creep summon and building endgame awards
* Fixed -afkai from preventing a player to become a leaver AI
* Fixed Acid Cloud from only slowing units of the Light Force
* Fixed a crash bug, when trying to place AA Bombs into a tower
* Fixed the hero info to properly update at the beginning of the game
* Fixed Infernal Fire Rain (Infernal) from sometimes not working at all
* Fixed the creep kill stats for the red player
* Fixed some minor bugs

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